Janel Reliford

Never perfect – She doesn’t need to be.  In fact she means not to be because perfection has many limits.  Perfection suggests there is nothing more to reach for, which is jaded and limiting.  But she means to exceed perfection by embracing unlimited potential. There is great power that exist between the highs and lows of the human spirit.  She is attracted to this power so much that she will find it in anyone, especially those that do not see it in themselves.  She will find untapped potential and unleash your power.



Public Speaker

Motivating survivors of
abuse to access their
Personal Power


Engage people in intensive
discussion and activity to
assist people in implementing
their personal power.


Teaching principles of
accessing Personal Power


International Online
Personal Power Classes


Learn how to take a hit,
Be open to change,
Know when to change direction,
Master the art of choosing to get back up
until there is nothing left to knock you down.
Endure. Never give up.
~ Janel


I know… If only you had the power to disappear.
You heard this before, “It’s not your fault.”
You maybe thinking, “You don’t know how I feel.”
Try an experiment.  Treat yourself to something sweet
or a day at the spa.  And while you experiment with what it feels
like to be cared for, ask your self, “If you could have anything
what would it be and how would having that change you?” 
And then imagine – YOU HAPPY!  

I am planting my seed. 



What could I possibly say to you? “Stop! It’s wrong
what you’re doing!”  No, saying these things won’t get results, 
because you have lost control. You have a false since of power.  
No child ever wanted to grow up and be a monster. You
desire respect and devotion. But you feel powerless. 
What if you had the power to heal, inside you? 
What if you could be a Hero, 
instead of a Monster? 

My seed has been planted.